About Us

Thehomepage.com.au (THP), including Millionplus.com.au (MP), was born out of an identified gap in the market to provide FREE and innovative advertising solutions to vendors and real estate agents, with cost effective up-sell and branding products as the main source of revenue.

The real estate advertising industry in Australia is over one billion dollars annually1. Traditionally it was primarily owned by newspapers – both in the form of classified ads (the so called ‘rivers of gold’) and display advertising.

Then along came the internet revolution, which through its efficiencies started to eat into newspaper advertising revenues.

Thehomepage.com.au is a business that recognises the new efficiencies created by the internet. A real estate portal costs relatively little to operate in comparison to the high costs of print and radio; this allows us to pass on these cost savings to the agents and vendors.

With the current dominant players in the market continuously having to meet aggressive revenue targets to counter lost revenue in print (through the increase of monthly subscriptions or the introduction of new products that clutter the site and decrease the relevance of the consumers search and the user experience) the time is now for a new player to enter the market.

1 IBISWorld Research July, 2009

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